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Atta Chakki manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Atta Chakki manufacturer in Ahmedabad– Ahmedabad  is all about business and  is famous  for  cotton textiles, street food, places, diamond cutting, Pharmaceutical industry, Flour mill manufacturing, etc.

It has emerged as the fastest growing economic city of the decade. There is a very good scope of doing business and earn money in Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Gujarat. It  takes very  less effort to start a business in Ahmedabad.

VMP atta chakki is providing its franchise  all over in India. We are also established  in Rajkot.  VMP group manufactures domestic flour mill. VMP also provides  free service for 1 year and helps you learn it’s features and functions.

You can access the following through are Youtube channel named VMP atta chakki. Our YouTube channel will help you with your queries so that you can resolve your problems at home on  your own.

VMP atta chakki not only manufactures atta chakki but also gives you best service. We help our customers on  every possible detail of the chakki so that we can ensure the durability and processing of the machine.

Atta Chakki manufacturer in Ahmedabad

We welcome you to join hands with us  or you can start your own business. This will sure help you in boosting  your business. The business of atta chakki is spread in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Gujarat.

This shows that the atta chakki business is very profitable. One can be a successful entrepreneur in this field as there is a huge demand of atta chakkis.  Atta maker (gharghanti) can become a profitable hub in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Gujarat  is an agricultural economy where the total crop area amounts to more than half of the total land area. Therefore it is evident from the fact that Gujrat is none the less an agricultural state and thus demands atta chakkis to grind grains and other species.

You can sell atta chakki machine in your area at retail price and can easily earn money. VMP  is offering  atta chakki’s  at dealership price to dealers  and retail shopper can also contact us  @ 8894495350 if they intent to buy  atta chakki for their home.

If  you are looking to buy atta chakki, then you are at the right place. Your quest  completes here and you can take this distributorship opportunity  for your area. VMP atta chakki  offers  machine warranty  for  1 year, 1 year free service, etc.

The machine comes in  glossy laminate  and  texture laminate surface with designer 3D and  9D doors. We have also got printed paneled machines and the one’s which are talky. This makes VMP atta chakki’s  to stand out among its rival manufacturers available in the market.  

If you are looking to buy this type of Atta Chakki, then you are at right place. For more details you can contact us. Contact details are given below –

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Domestic flour mill

Gharghanti Price

Gharghanti Price – The word Gharghanti is very popular in Gujarat. Some people are aware of this and few are not. This blog  about VMP atta chakki will help you to understand the meaning of gharghanti.

The word Gharghanti is  quite common in Gujarat for atta chakki. We have also mentioned the price of Gharghanti in this blog. This is used by one and all in Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Gujarat. Gharghanti means atta chakki i.e., a domestic flour mill, atta maker, etc.

Mini Atta chakki machine is used in every home to grind wheat, channa dal, rice, spices or animal’s food. You can do this all by using this machine . It can grind  5 kg of flour in just half an hour.

This atta chakki consumes low electricity and is Eco friendly.Once used, the machine requires a break of 20 minutes. This is done to ensure the long life of the motor. VMP atta chakki comes with a unique technology.

The machine is manufactured with a six sigma methodology which ensures process improvement. Today VMP atta chakki is the fastest growing company in India which manufactures atta maker machines at an affordable price so it does not pinch your pocket.

VMP atta chakki price starts from Rs. 13,000/- and this is the lowest price at which this machine is available all over in India.

Gharghanti Price

One can not get atta chakki at this price and that too in retail shopping. But VMP atta maker provides it to their customers so that they can use the best atta chakki machine for their home and can grind pure white flour.

One can avail the Dealership of VMP atta chakki at a much less price than that of other dealers in India. Call today for more enquiry about atta chakki online price. VMP atta chakki is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and also an emerging company in India.

We have gained the trust of our customers by not only providing the best atta chakki but also by providing  free home service for 1 year. So if you’re intent about purchasing domestic flour mill (gharghanti) then you can contact us on social media platform or can email or contact @ 8894495350.

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Domestic flour mill


WHY TO USE DOMESTIC ATTA MAKER? – In earlier times, traditional methods were used to grind the grains. The common of them were wheat, rice, pulses, spices, etc. People at that time used to take their grains to the flour mill and were asked to wait for long.

The time and effort that is used to grind grains never paid off well. As it requires huge time and effort & then the quality of flour was also not up to the standard which we get from the commercial atta maker machine.

The flour contains many impurities such as wheat husk etc. which was then have to be pour with a sieve to get the desired quality of flour. But still the technology then, was good and the atta if compared with today’s packed flour was also better.

The packed flour now a days use to have a large no. of additives that degrades the overall quality of the flour. Our ancestors had to put a lot of effort to get the quality flour.

However, the wheat obtained was always worth the hard work and effort. As it contains essential vitamins and also proves good for many health and skin benefits.

At this point you are thinking that why to use Domestic Atta Maker?

There are many advantages of using domestic flour mill machines as these machines provides fresh flour which is rich in nutritional values. At your own home you can grind flour at any time with no effort and time.

In domestic flour mills you can grind any wheat, rice, spices, cereals, pulses, Maize, etc. With these flour mills you can get pure flour without any adulteration and provide nutritious chapatis.

How to choose best Domestic Flour mill?

Today, there are lots of manufacturer of atta chakki, who are making domestic flour mill in the market. But the problem is how to choose best atta chakki machine for home.

These flour grinding machines comes in wide range and types, so that any individual can purchase. These days, the demand of Atta maker is increasing.

Product Benefits

  • VMP machine consume less effort and time.
  • Machine is very easy to use and takes very less effort to clean.
  • VMP machines are economical and consume less electricity.
  • Company provides manual along with the machine.
  • VMP domestic flour mill comes in various size, colours, design with different price range.
  • Atta chakki is easy to use and does not occupy large space.
  • VMP atta chakki provide 2 year warranty for Flour mill & motor and 10 years warranty of grinding blades. (Condition Apply).
  • It does not cause dust and runs smoothly.
  • Atta maker provides you fresh flour without impurities and maintains nutritional value of flour.
  • VMP atta chakki is strong and durable.
  • Atta maker is available in 3D & 9D doors.
  • VMP atta chakki comes with safety lock, musical grinding and voice instructions.

If you are looking to buy atta chakki, then you are at the right place. VMP Atta chakki is the best atta maker for home in low budget. Flour mill has its two branches in India i.e. in Himachal Pradesh and Ahmedabad.

VMP atta maker provides best Gharghanti for home and also give many exciting offers.

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