Atta Chakki Machine For Home and Its Features

Atta Chakki Machine For Home and Its Features –Domestic Flour Mill/ Atta Chakki ? You all might be wondering what atta chakki is all about so let us help you with the etymology of the atta chakki’s. Not everyone knows what a flour mill is. In this blog you will know why and how the flour mill is used.

Atta chakkii first serves to grind wheat and secondly used to grind things like spices, pulses, channa dal, corn, etc. in single Gharelu atta chakki machine.

Domestic flour mill, Gharghanti, Atta Maker, Gharelu Atta Chakki and Mini flour mill are other names of Atta Chakki.

With the help of atta chakki, you can get 5-7 kg of atta by grinding the wheat grains in just half an hour. If you will look at the packaged atta available in the market and the one obtained from the market chakkis, you’ll find both impure. As a result you get indulge in cleaning the husk which requires a lot of effort and still you can never get it that pure as you will get from the atta maker machines.

Automatic Atta Chakki machine  is a box type machine fixed into a wooden like cabinet and is portable because it has movable wheels attached to the bottom of the box.

It has some husk inside which is very important to clean before making chappati’s, bread, etc. In Domestic Flour Mill you can grind any grains and can obtain homemade flour of all types of grains.

Grinder chamber grinds the grains into fine flour with the help of a motor fitted in the box. It has a hopper in which we can pour the grains (4-5kg hopper capacity) which automatically keeps feeding into the grinder chamber at regular intervals.

Atta Chakki Machine For Home and Its Features

It has a control system which control the motor and feeder so it can adjust the speed of grains. After half an hour mini atta chakki will automatically stops and you will obtain pure white fine flour.

This atta chakki machine starts and stops on its own with the help of an inbuilt sensor mechanism. One can pour different types of grains to obtain various types of flour with the help of 7 jali.

One can make Chapati’s, bread, Dosa, Dhokla, Ladoo, Childu, Daliya and etc. with the flour . You can grind any kind of spices and pulses in no time. This atta maker is highly efficient as it consumes less time, less effort and also consumes less electricity.

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