About us

About Our Company

Atta Chakki Manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh
VMP Atta Chakki is one of the fastest growing Atta Chakki Manufacturer companies in India. VMP atta chakki is an ISO certified 9001:2008 company and was established in 2009. The company is a success and has build a 10 year of trust base all over India. We are giving extensive variety of atta chakki machines to the manufacturing industry at most affordable cost.

We at VMP create technology that makes almost every food item delecatbly tasty and appealing. We provide high quality modern technology in the form of atta grind machines that grind grains to high quality powdery flour without adding any preservatives and helps you make nutritional and tasty chapati, bread, pastry, etc. at home.

VMP atta chakki is a renowned Atta Chakki Manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and also flourishing its root in himachal pradesh. We at VMP aspires to reach out every single home of India and provide them the best service they could ever imagine if.

The VMP Atta Chakki Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is also a branch of VMP atta chakki that provides best aata chakki for home.

Our Mission

VMP atta chakki professionally managed group which aims to become a top manufacturer and supplier of domestic flour mill with not only national but with global level capabilities. The company is backed by a team of professionals that takes full responsibility and shows dedication to provide you the top technology.

We not only make atta chakki that our customers want now but we also develop new and innovative technology for our customers future needs. We aim to become a group, driven by quality like ISO, Six Sigma methodology and worldwide acceptance which leads the world through its unique strengths.

We at VMP values ethics and dedicate ourselves to the highest ethical standards at thus believes in building a mutual trust base with our customers worldwide.

Why VMP Atta Chakki

Every person today is health conscious and thus demands good quality of food products to consume. But according to recent statistics by public health foundation of India there is a rampant rise in food adulteration. The powdered rice and wheat is usually adulterated.

This added foreign substance takes away the nutrition intended for the consumer leaving us under the illusion that our diet is perfect. Rice is being debased with tiny 'grains of stones' to extend the weight per quintal by unscrupulous retailers. To avoid this menace buy atta chakki online, we have came up with our VMP atta chakki machines for home.

VMP aata chakki machines have high quality of blades which helps you grind grains to high quality powdery flour. Our technology helps you avoid adulteration and provides you high nutritional product as result. VMP atta chakki has become the No.1 choice of today's generation housewife.

Product Benefits

  • VMP machine consume less effort and time.
  • VMP machine is very easy to use and takes very less effort to clean.
  • VMP machines are economical and consume less electricity.
  • Company provides manual along with the machine.
  • VMP domestic flour mill comes in various size, colours, design with different price range.
  • VMP atta chakki is easy to use and does not occupy large space.
  • VMP atta chakki provide 2 year warranty for Flour mill & motor and 10 years warranty of grinding blades. (Condition Apply).
  • It does not cause dust and runs smoothly.
  • Atta chakki provides you fresh flour without impurities and maintains nutritional value of flour.
  • VMP atta chakki is strong and durable.
  • VMP atta chakki is available in 3D & 9D doors.
  • VMP atta chakki comes with safety lock, musical grinding and voice instructions.